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Social Media Platforms & Strategies that Increase Traffic to a your Website

Every social media platform is like a different meeting, a different room, where you engage with your clients. Most people think of social media as distribution and use the same messaging on every platform. That's not fully exploiting the tools.

Instead, we will tell your story on each platform and use visuals and copy which will enhance the likelihood of your site visitor doing business with you.

Retaining loyal readers and developing long term relationships with them seems to be through social media. You can develop a great number of followers depending on the platform, but it is clear repeat visitors will help boost your business and engagement.


When you use a hashtag that's trending,
e.g.  Has #Miranda Kerr all of the qualities a good business needs?
You have a substantially better chance of getting engagement from people who aren't your followers. The couple hundred people who click that hashtag every hour around the world might also see it, and may be your next client/customer
Tweets that are posed as a question add site appeal, because it makes your brain think about the answer. If we can get someone to stop for half a second to ponder, then they may be your next client.
We also encourage line breaks allow your tweet to take up a larger portion of the phone screen and attract attention.


Facebook requires images

  • that are sharp and clear
  • A short copy
  • The important information that people will care about.
  • And a call for action
  • And the rights hook: Click here to buy now.

If you are seeking for advertising to reach out to your target audience, Facebook could spread the word for you as the advertisements would appear to those who have indicated the related interest in their profile.


Instagram is all about real images. Where are you? What are you looking at? Unlike the polished images you'll see for Facebook and Pinterest, this is a simple shot taken on a phone. It's native to the platform.
The only place where links are clickable in the Instagram app is in your bio. Instagram is personal. It's for those real-life moments.

Linked in

We will join you to the world's largest professional network.
If you want to further develop and maintain professional relationships, LinkedIn definitely does more than what exchanging  business cards can do. We provide necessary and extensive information in your profile and get you actively involved in the LinkedIn Answers or update your status to publicize your current project or work. This will increase possibilities to get sale leads.


Australian Life on Line Group look forward to promoting your business

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