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E Commerce Melbourne Shopping Carts

Australian Life on Line Group- we support on line business needs

Our goal is to understand your branding, your desired marketing messages and overall e-commerce objectives and make you stand out in the online marketplace.

We create highly accessible e commerce shopping carts that make it dead easy for your visitors to find what they need. And we can help you use digital tech to build truly engaging resources that your community will value.

This means that your e commerce website needs to be designed in such a way that it should be easily navigated by customers.

Types of E Commerce or Shopping Cart for our on line clients

Our online e commerce store solutions are completely targeted to your needs

Our team of ecommerce experts are dedicated to making your business a success. We take the guesswork out of setting up your store so that you have time to grow your business.

There are two types of shopping cart software:

  • open source
  • commercial and
  • Open source software means that the coding is open for the user to edit. If you are inexperienced, this software can severely affect your timeline of getting the software up and running for your customers.

    Commercial shopping cart softwarerequires purchase and a three monthly service fee, but is perfect for those who do not have a lot of programming experience or who need a shopping cart option that is comprehensive, simple and provides an easy to navigate user interface.

    We use woo commerce for user friendliness

    E Commerce Melbourne – shopping carts that works

    Melbourne is renowned for its shopping- Bourke Street Mall, Flinders Lane, and Collins Street are examples of some of the kind of shopping that is available .A dizzying array of first class restaurants, charming cafes, shops, art galleries, museums and theatre can also be found. There is the opportunity for business to take advantage of the fact that people don’t always have time to visit shops. E commerce Melbourne shopping carts allow business to take advantage of this great online opportunity

    Our web development team has extensive experience with shopping carts- we give advice and discuss the various design options .We are happy to discuss all of your e commerce shopping cart needs.

    Areas we focus on
  • Maximizing the sale (with recommending related products)
  • The search ability of your products
  • Presentation of the product and how the product can be viewed
  • Payment systems and ease of payment options
  • Stock control level management
  • Invoice generation and delivery to customer
  • Social Media links (spreading the word)
  • Customer trust with relative Trustmark’s / security
  • Shipping costs and logistics
  • Customer support and service
  • Features of a well-built ecommerce site

    1. Your Site loads quickly

    Every 2 seconds of load time on your site equals an 8% abandonment rate, according to

    2. Your Site is designed in a simple and stream lined way.

    We recommend the following:

    • Welcome/cart contents page
    • Bill-to section
    • Ship-to section
    • Payment module
    • Confirmation/thank you page

    3. Your Credit Card Entry System must be clearly laid out

    We follow the industry standard- we keep it simple and it works

    4. We recommend postage charges meet with consumer understandings.

    This avoids the customer abandoning the cart and impacting on the sale.

    5) We check your Site’s performance on all Browsers.

    You may be a Google Chrome fan, or Firefox, but there's a world full of people who are using various versions of Internet Explorer. We ensure the site performs on all the major browsers.

    6)Our Shopping Cart site always include a Login Box and Search Box

    The shopping cart, login box and search box features are usually placed together at every e Commerce site. It’s almost impossible to imagine a store without a shopping-cart function included. The most popular shopping cart icon is a simple basket so it makes sense to choose something similar for your site. Many stores also provide their customers with private accounts where it’s possible to check all their previous and current orders.

    Every customer who signs up can choose a personal login and password for further access. Besides, owners of such accounts can receive special discount offers from the store owners and participate in different promotions or sales.

    This search box is a must-have. This will also prove popular with customers who demand a specific product that they just need to locate from your online store to make their order.

    Australian Life on Line Group look forward to promoting your business

    Give us a call- 1300 793 552