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Quality web sites - generate sales for businesses- by boosting net traffic


At Australian Life Online Group Web Design we understand the reason you need a website, is to get a return on your investment- To identify and target your core customers, to identify how they use the internet, and to convert this traffic into sales.

It's as simple as that- a good authoritative web site is a long term investment. Web sites built in this fashion justify their up-front costs.

Australian Life Online Group experienced team of designers and developers will not only produce a website that meets your core business needs, looks a quality site and is easy to navigate. We are constantly finding new ways to make sure your hard earned website visitors convert to leads and sales.

The result is not always immediate- but our goal is to establish a site that meets all the criteria for business success.

The internet is just the new ‘Phone Book’


People will type what they want and where they are, our job is to have your web page pop up.

That’s called Search Engine Optimising [SEO].

A web page is not advertising it’s putting a business where it needs to be; to be seen. It’s As simple as that. It’s also all about cost. Advertising is costly having a web page isn’t.

The most important thing is the correct word choice for key words and writing good contextual text...when setting up a web page...The search engine optimising should include a ‘suburb key word’ always.

There is a huge amount of business on the net, [which is just a phone book,] for every kind of business.


Australian Life Online GP- web development

A web page will give your own front door accessed directly by enquiries, rather than you being just a flat in a block of flats that is the situation on yellow pages and other similar directories. Australian Life Online Group do around 300 web sites a year. A web page is also useful as a folio of your business, to use with your existing clients.

Australian Life on Line Group look forward to promoting your business

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